Howdy, Survivors!

Ready for a Ride?

Remember the ever-remarkable show of High School Musical? Well, two misfits recently found out that in reality, life’s a highschool melodrama.

A melodrama, a tragicomedy, a phase of struggles and bitter-sweet memories, topped with mean girls’ shenanigans, wonderful, talented personalities and impactful life lessons.

Not to dismiss, suffering the genuine struggles of “fitting in” and our late night philosophical soul-searching, Highschool life is complemented by a lifetime of many a marvellous experience, made more sweeter by the friends who always have your back through thick and thin.

With life lessons, tips and advices on surviving a scary roller coaster ride called High-school from two recent survivors, HighSchoolMelodramas is a website by two friends listing out their survival techniques assuring you that when the ride ends, the thrill of joy prepares you for another ride, a ride called Life.

Ahoy, matey! C’mon, join the Melodramatic bandwagon.

Grinding Down the Myths of Highschool Life

Many students arrive in highschool bundled up with numerous hopes, aspirations and expectations of what their high school journey will be, all thanks and gratitude to the countless teen flicks many gorge on Netflix and Romedy Now. Media houses, romanticised teen movies, add to all the perceived god-knows-which-universal notions of reality of life and subsequently…

Last Day Notes to High School Friends You Must Have Come Across

Do you know that last day at any place, be it your office or on this planet, is a bitter sweet event? Because one thing’s for sure, while you rejoice with happiness while leaving, others moan and cry for your departure. But, but, but. Highschool remains, as ever,  the exception. You see, the quirky case…