About Us

Who are we

We are Turquoise Blue and Pearl Moon, the two weirdos and misfits behind this wonderful world of HighschoolMelodrama, sharing survival techniques in a bewildering place called Highschool.

We know surviving high school ain’t a piece of cake. Why? ‘Cause we survived it.

Thinking about high school, millions of thoughts swarm in our minds. Thousands of emotions start rushing down our spines, some happy, some sad, some realistic as real and harsh life could ever be. Yet, Life itself is a roller-coaster; but high school is something way more bigger than that!

Once you fall into the high school rabbit hole, there ain’t no going back. Everything feels like a do-or-die situation. And for us, surviving high school was like surviving a zombie apocalypse.!

If you are a soon-to-be high school student, and you think your life is weird enough, just get ready to face the weirdest phase of your life! 🙂

What we do

If you fit into the category of a “perfect” student, then ta-da! You won. But if you’re a misfit, and you don’t fit into the mould (like us) then don’t worry, this website has been created as a safe space just for you all (even the ones who fit into the mould very well, yup).

On a positive note, this is the phase when you meet some really great people, as well, and some of them are gonna change the way you see the world. So, don’t let the adolescent stress bother you. Make new friends, enjoy it to the fullest. And most importantly, be YOU.

And fret not, we’re always there to help you and guide you through this zombie apocalypse! Hope you enjoy our website “HighSchoolMelodramas” specially curated for you, dear highschool fellows… or should we say highschool survivors? ;D

Much love,
Turquoise Blue x Pearl Moon

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