Last Day Notes to High School Friends You Must Have Come Across

Do you know that last day at any place, be it your office or on this planet, is a bitter sweet event?

Because one thing’s for sure, while you rejoice with happiness while leaving, others moan and cry for your departure.

But, but, but.

Highschool remains, as ever,  the exception.

You see, the quirky case of leaving high school is that while half of the pupils stream down the Ganges from their eyes reminiscing friendships, antics, and sweet memories, some are elated to such extent that they would be ready to pray with gangajal, even for the first time, making merry that they are leaving a heavenly hell named aptly– Highschool.

However is the reaction to the last days of highschool, many students are undoutedly ecstatic to etch the memories and contacts down on their yearbooks/diaries. 

And that brings us here to scrutinise the hell of a entries we leaf through many in our yearbooks/diaries; some plain boring, some piquing our interests, some clichéd and some outrageous.

So, scroll down below to find your acquaintances’ and friends’ entries.
Who knows, it may be one of you too?


These bunch of guys are the people you have loved hanging out with. They are the real genuine friends, who have enlightened your life with their companionship, their knowledge and their advices.

Never to honey-sweet or way too concerned to tell you where you suck at and definitely improve at, these are the faithful ones who write genuine messages and advice, wishing the very best for what lies ahead of you.


Be very sharp to know them coz they actually write the most beautiful entries ever that melt your hieart right away.

With beautiful quotes on friendships to ever-common Instagram captions, these are the people whose memoir entries when you read first leaves you with a smile on your face and an aww in your heart.

But, read it 2 or 3 years later, all assured you’ll be left with a smile on your face and an aww in heart simply pitying your naïveté.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fake-1.jpg


All that you’ve done wrong, all the times you’ve broken someone’s heart, all the times you stood incorrect…behold, all is to be reminded again.

The grudge-holder, remember, have a long mental list of all your wrong-doings, indeliberate offensive statements, your laughs at incorrect times.

All are to make a debut entry yet again if you were just on the verge of planning to turn over your life from the anyway sappy highschool melodramas.


Candors were a faction from the Divergent Trilogy, most popular for their innate trait of being dead honest right at your face.
What separates the Candors from the Faithfuls is that while latter were a great part of your life, Candors were just random bunch of the students you saw on the last month at Highschool, felt a tinge emotion of sharing your memoir to them, and lo! What they write is absolute honesty.
“Honey, you were a sweet girl tbh, but i hope i aint ever seeing you again coz my memory span is now like a gold fish, and your definitely not someone to remember.
Will never miss ya!”


Even though, you may have not any idea about what milestones you have ever achieved in your life except procrastinating for 24 hours straight, but these are the peeps who has a timeline of your achievements.

Almost half of the entry is mostly adoring and awwing at you and the other half is where they draw the cute flimsy cartoons, emojis, caricatures…and a fullstop with lots of XOs at the bottom.

xo s 2 infinity

Perhaps, there were more than these five types of people who have penned down in your memoir, etching various views of you in their own words and own perspectives. Some perspectives you agree with, some raising your eyebrows, some eye-opening too.

But whatever has been written, the goods and the bads: don’t take it in your heart. YES!

Why? Because if you tend to get beguiled (or put too much focus on) how shweet and nice you were, you would perhaps find yourself in a chocolaty world of mud seeming to acknowledge that you were perfect. But then, if you stress out more in whatever shortfalls you have had, you will leave highschool in bitter taste. And that must not be.

For the case is, (and honestly that is the case), things seem to change after highschools…and not all will always be holding your hands forever. So, however many have written in your diary/yearbooks and in whichever manner they wrote about you, you need to understand the viewpoints in a balanced manner.

Because, survivors, everybody ain’t perfect and so aren’t you. If people point out some of your lackings, it is written so as to acknowledge you that some changes are always welcome. And, honey, for all the good qualities that sum you up…seriously, hold onto that.

Because life is an ocean of changes and varying circumstances, and to survive it, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Because understanding who you are marks the beginning of what lies ahead of you. And, importantly:

Understanding yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Unfortunately, readers, that bring us to the end of the blog here. But keep the conversation going! Do share:
Did you find somebody else in your memoir?
Or did you find yourself in someone’s memoir? 

We would love to know about your thoughts. Think you can add more to the list? Comment down below! Go, tap tap tap.

Love Love,
Turquoise Blue x Pearl Moon

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  1. Rejoy Dey says:

    True. Every Bit of It😂😌


    1. Adidas says:

      Lord, lord, lord. Thank you will not be enough to express we are greatly joyed that you liked all our posts! but…tysm!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rejoy Dey says:

        That’s my Pleasure 😊. Your blog is cool.

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  2. Dilip says:

    Ha ha lovely blog concept. High School time is immemorial 😉🤠


    1. Adidas says:

      Thatis true, nobody can change the memories we all make in Highschool. We appreciate, Dilip, that you took the time to stop by. 🙂


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